Maraba Al Iraq Al khadraa Co.

Built on the heritage of a long history, MARABA AL IRAQ AL KHADRAA COMPANY pays very close attention to respecting values such as team spirit and a sense of belonging and develop the team skills and experiences.

MARABA AL IRAQ AL KHADRAA COMPANY seeks to promote these values within the company each and every.

MARABA AL IRAQ AL KHADRAA COMPANY develops a Training Plan to identify the required training for various personnel and job disciplines.

The purpose of this training is mainly as follows:

  • To understand the Projects profile, particular condition of the Project and requirements as they pertain to their scope of work
  • To understand the Projects QHSE Goals, Policy and Target
  • To make sure of QHSE organization and individual’s responsibilities regarding the Project QHSE Management System or well communicated
  • To understand the outline of the Projects QHSE Management System including necessary QHSE procedures
  • To recognize the importance of QHSE and enhance QHSE awareness to achieve the Project
  • To emphasize the necessity for expanding QHSE knowledge
  • To check the risk management system in QHSE aspect at the regular HSE meeting and reflect the further improvement of the Project.

The prime motivator for employee training is to improve productivity and performance. And when executed well, it does just that.

It provides your employees with the expertise they need to fulfil their role and make a positive impact on your business.

The skills they learn empower them to deliver a better quality of work with a fast turnaround rate.

It also gives your hires a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities within your organization. They know their targets and they’re equipped with the tools to effectively meet them.