Maraba Al Iraq Al khadraa Co.

Safety is an essential component and driver of success, not just for those delivering projects, but for clients and other stakeholders too.

At Maraba Al Iraq Al khadraa we are constantly seeking new processes and approaches to improve on our existing high standards. To foster a foundation of excellence in everything we do, we developed nine Life-Preserving Principles to follow.

Maraba Al Iraq Al khadraa is committed to ensuring that our operations are conducted with zero harm to all people and the environment and the quality of our products and services are upheld and consistently maintained.

We aim for continuous improvement of working and living conditions of HSE employees and the improvement of Occupational Health and Safety conditions in the working environment.

The company has set forth safety policy on all staffs as follows:

  • Enhance and create work safety
  • Prepare work method statement and accident prevention method
  • Set programs to control all high risk activities
  • Accident investigation and reporting system with follow up corrective measures
    We believe that maintaining a high standard of safety is critical to the successful delivery of all projects.

Our Safety Management Plan underpins all projects and provides a range of policies, guidelines and work method statements for our tradesman.

The plan has been developed to industry best practice Our dedication to safety ensures our compliance with the relevant safety legislation but most importantly provides a safe working environment for our employees, sub-contractors and clients.

We work hard to ensure that safety is the key min-set established before every operation. It is a culture that is transmitted from top to bottom as a lifestyle in order to ensure the wellbeing of our employees, partners, clients, communities and varying stakeholders accordingly.