Maraba Al Iraq Al khadraa Co.

MARABA AL IRAQ AL KHADRAA COMPANY is local Iraqi company and it has been undertaking various projects in Iraq.

The projects cover most of the Iraqi oilfields in the middle and southern Iraq, such as the Ahdeb Oilfield, Badra Oilfield, Garraf Oilfield, Halfaya Oilfield, West Qurna Oilfield, Majnoon Oilfield and Rumaila Oilfield, etc.

During the execution of these projects, MARABA AL IRAQ AL KHADRAA COMPANY has accumulated vast working experience in promoting the quantity and quality of local service, supplies and workforce as well as facilitating the technology transfer.

MARABA AL IRAQ AL KHADRAA COMPANY has invested time and efforts into improving the capability of local subcontractors as MARABAbelieves that it can bring benefit to our clients, MARABA AL IRAQ AL KHADRAA COMPANY itself and to the local community in Iraq.

The general intention of local content is to promote the competitiveness and effectiveness of local goods, services and works to an accepted international standard. In response to optimize this intention, MARABA AL IRAQ AL KHADRAA COMPANY has its clear local content objectives as below.

  • Maximizing the value-added and jobs creation through the use of local expertise, goods and services, businesses and financing
  • Promoting the locals’ capability through training, skills and expertise development
  • Transferring the technologies and know-hows to increase the competitiveness of the local businesses
  • Creating/Stimulating other related industries on the supply chain of the hydrocarbon industry
  • Giving priority to the suppliers whose goods, materials, equipment, consumables and the like that are manufactured and/or available in Iraq market
  • Give priority to the subcontractors who are Iraqi entities or firms, or foreign firms in association therewith, provided that their relevant qualifications, capabilities and quotes are comparable to those available in the overseas market.