Maraba Al Iraq Al khadraa Co.

Maraba Al Iraq Al khadraa established itself with a reputation as a complete supply chain solution provider integrating each separate link in the chain – sourcing of quality products, procurement, logistics, inventory and production liaisons with reputed manufacturers, distributors and suppliers around the globe.

Maraba Al Iraq Al khadraa scope of work and logistics activities include: procurement or purchasing, inward transport or traffic, receiving, warehousing or stores, stock control, material handling, order picking, packaging, outward transport, physical distribution, recycling, returns and waste disposal, location, and communication.

Some of the scope of supply category includes:

Oilfield Equipment

Safety Equipment

Mobile Lighting

Vehicles & Spare Parts

Lifting Equipment

Workshop Equipment

Earth Moving Equipment

Hoses & Fittings

Non-Sparking Tools

Electrical & Instrumentation

Hose Assemblies

Power Generation

Chemicals & Other Products

Camlock Fittings

Measurement & Calibration

Electrical & Instrumentation

Pressure Gauges


Water Treatment Plant\Unit

Cutting Tools

Office/IT Equipment

Air & Steam Equipment

Welding Consumables

Medical Supplies

Maraba Al Iraq Al khadraa offer these supplement and rental services to many local and foreign clients in Iraq and the region.

We appreciate the balance between customer service and costs and list the activities within logistics and understand the relationship between them.