Maraba Al Iraq Al khadraa Co.

Within its business operations as a whole MARABA AL IRAQ AL KHADRAA COMPANY not only strives to ensure that the company operates within the terms of the applicable legislation, but also actively looks for opportunities to improve its overall environmental performance.

The company has also developed and implemented a comprehensive Environmental Protection System, certified in accordance with ISO 14001:2015 , which is indicative of the company’s recognition of its responsibilities towards the environment.

For tightening up the environmental management and supervision during construction period, some environment experts should be hired and cooperate with the local environmental department and the Owner, and check up randomly the working group on site.

Typical vehicle and equipment fuels, lubricants, coolants, propane or hydraulic fluids stored or used during construction may be regulated or require secondary containment, which may stored in tank, tanker, small container, retail packaging, bulk storage or in pressurized tank at the work yard, staging area or trucks.

All employees of MARABA. working in this Project are required to understand and promote the environment standard and try to achieve the following objectives:

  • Activities will comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding environment protection and satisfy the Owner’s standards and requirements for environment
  • Felling and damaging of trees and vegetation shall be minimized and only limited construction areas
  • The damaged place shall be restored as soon as possible
  • Wasted material and dumping effluent shall be sent to designated place
  • Effective measure shall be taken for gas pipeline to avoid natural gas leaking or other accidents
  • The Environment Management System (EMS) should be implemented during construction to minimize the environmental risk and the impact as far as possible.