Maraba Al Iraq Al khadraa Co.

The Health Management Plan covers the general requirements to maintain employees’ and workers’ health condition on the construction premises, and how to protect them from potential health hazards associated with work and work environment.

Maraba Al Iraq Al khadraa company’s top management commits to preserve employees and workers from health hazards and to promote their consciousness of health.

MARABA’s personnel top management down to each individual employee shall comply with the following codes of conduct as project health policy.

  • Adhere to the regulations and HSE policy and requirements
  • Pursue the goal of no harm to people and promote their health
  • Apply risk assessment process for anticipated health hazards
  • Ensure a hazard free and clean work environment
  • Monitor the compliance and effectiveness of the risk control measures adopted by the risk assessment
  • Assign experienced and competent personnel to implement the occupational health programs
  • General health promotion aims at preventing health risks associated with living environment and life style such as infectious diseases (by immunization and prophylaxis), inadequate nutrition (by information), use of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs (by employee assistance programs), and lack of exercise and physical fitness (by information and fitness programs).

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