Maraba Al Iraq Al khadraa Co.

Our company collects and recycles different kinds or waste. These include hazardous waste, liquid waste, plastic waste, metal scrap, oil waste and other kinds. We offer the disposal services of radioactive components, industrial solid waste, liquid and gas waste, organic waste, sewage, and plastic materials. Maraba Al Iraq Al khadraa seek to apply good solutions for waste management by the following practices :

  • Monitoring and reducing emissions, wastes, and the environmental impact of our operational activities.
  • Providing the safe disposal of waste.
  • Ensuring that control of emissions and minimization of waste are evaluated in the design and modification of facilities.
  • Preventing spills and leaks.
  • Managing risks and known instances of soil or ground water contamination resulting from our operations.
  • Efficient use of energy and natural resources is a key consideration in designing, developing and improving processes.
  • Ensure that procedures are followed and waste is placed in appropriate.
  • locations and bins provided.
  • Provide personnel as required for implementing findings and decisions of the waste management procedure.
  • Preventing anybody from being affected by the waste.
  • Preventing the escape of waste.
  • Preventing corrosion of wear of waste containers.

To ensure that our operations will comply with governmental procedure and requirements, we have prepared all required official paper work. Maraba is authorized by government to transport and treat. All operations will be done under supervision of experts that appointed from government to treat wastes. The governmental letters ensure that Maraba is authorized to transport, handle, storage and treat the Hazardous wastes and Non-Hazardous wastes by using Maraba’s equipment and Maraba’s team.

Used Oil

Hazardous Waste

Metal Waste

Non-Hazardous Wastes

Sewages& Liquids

Plastic Waste